Self-Defense is Not Just About Fighting

One of reasons we are so busy right now is because of the way the world is moving. It can get into a depressing conversation, but it is the reality of the world which is violence and anger in our society. Random acts of violence and greed happen every day all around us. If there’s any right time to start learning self-defense, it’s today.

I encourage people to, whatever community they’re in, do their research and find a school that can teach them self defense. It’s about keep the mind, body, spirit trifecta in tacts and healthy. Learn martial arts, study hard and train so you never have to fully use it.

At this point, I think the most important thing is to learn to defend yourself, but on top of that like we mentioned before, is all the rewarding gifts martial arts can do to benefit your life. Confidence, social skills, and much more.

We had a mid to late 20s man in our program, and we asked what he is here for, what does he want from the program? He wanted and NEEDED confidence. He wanted to learn to defend himself and feel confident in himself and turn a different chapter of his life. Holding yourself differently will be a positive effect on your life through work, school, family life, and personal happiness within yourself.

When you are confident you look people directly in the eyes, are not afraid to say hello or get into a friendly conversation. We all are aware of the positives of self-defense, and confidence comes along right with it.

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